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Colibri Learning Foundation recognizes an extensive reservoir of capacity in immigrants and newcomers to contribute to the many facets of community-building and social development that are needed in Canadian cities.  The Foundation taps into those capacities by nurturing processes that enable them to enhance their communication through purposeful and unifying dialogue, realize their aspirations to dedicate their time and energy to be of service in Canada, their capacity to read social reality, their ability to act creatively and remedially, and to draw on elements of culture that find constructive expression.  Unfortunately the populations that the Foundation serves often is not encouraged to express themselves in often unconcerned and unwelcoming urban environments. 

The primary approach Colibri Learning Foundation is currently engaged is forming English Corner groups that enhance communication through meaningful and uplifting conversations.  As meaningful dialogue carried on over extended periods of time finds constructive expression by engendering newfound friendships and community building activities, those groups naturally stimulate a process of social development through a series of activities that bring the community together.  The network of English Corners, which now number 30 in British Columbia, have spurred on almost 700 newcomers to Canada and 85 volunteers to come to a weekly space to engage in deep and sincere conversations that extend beyond the official venue.      

Colibri Learning Foundation is also promoting a diverse array of activities initiated by immigrants and newcomers, such as community gatherings, language exchanges, and parent groups, that unfold as dialogue and collaboration within a community is fostered.

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Below is a video from one of the English Corners